The JPA Way

Our agents approach each opportunity in the same way – The JPA Way. We follow this two-part process from the start of each relationship.

[No Cost — No Obligation Insurance Analysis]

Now is as good a time as any to contact our agency and set up a free, no cost – no obligation insurance analysis.  The in-depth, on-site insurance evaluation not only looks at the physical condition of your organization’s facility, it also takes into account the protection your organization needs for other activities that take place on and off your premises. The free on-site evaluation will be used as the foundation for a tailor made insurance program that will meet your organization’s specific and unique insurance needs.

Church Site Survey
  • The first part of the insurance analysis is a on-site visit from a JPA representative. Our agent(s) will gather information about your organization that will become the building blocks of a tailor made insurance program.
  • Next the agent with the help of our dedicated service staff will evaluate the information gathered to determine the insurance needs of your organization with regards to your on and off premises activities. The agent will also run current replacement cost values of all your buildings based on today’s building costs.
  • Once we have developed an outline of your organizations coverage needs as well as determine the proper replacement cost values, we will prepare “bid specs” that will be marketed to the insurance companies we represent.
  • After we have received all quotes, we will review and compare them. Your JPA representative will prepare a detail proposal on the quote that best fits your insurance needs and budget for your review and consideration. Your JPA agent(s) will be available to personally meet with you and/or your administrative board. During this meeting, the agent will explain the insurance coverages in detail and answer all questions you may have about the program and associated costs. In addition, the agent will identify any loss control recommendations that could reduce your potential for property and liability claims.
  • Once you accept our proposal, we will assist your organization through the transition process including cancellation of your prior insurance.
[Superior Customer Service]

The second part of The JPA Way process is to provide you with "old-fashioned customer service with modern-day solutions".

Professional Insurance Presentation

Our service begins with an on-site analysis of your insurance needs, but continues far beyond the purchase of an insurance program. The staff at JPA is well trained and dedicated to the type of specialized protection we offer. Our customers know that no other insurance agency brings the dedication and experience that JPA agents can! We recognize that our agency exists because of and for our customers; everything we do is done with that principal in mind! The dedication to our customers is the main reason our agency has enjoyed consistently strong customer loyalty. We offer services to our customers that go far beyond insurance protection. We are often their number one resource for a broad range of insurance related services.

  • Our agents and dedicated service staff will promptly and personally handle your organization's service needs. We often receive praise in this area! This means that we will handle items such as coverage changes, certificate requests, policy additions and deletions (e.g., automobiles, buildings, Loss Payees/ Mortgagee's…). Our agency provides additional specialized services for "Group" customers.
  • Our agents will provide continual "Loss Control Services". These services could reduce your potential for property and liability claims while you are a customer. We can assist your organization to create a tailor-made loss control program specific to your organization's needs. In addition, our office staff and the Loss Control Departments of the companies we represent are available to present free safety seminars to your organization.
  • Our agents and field staff will assist your organization with insurance related issues for your organization's proposed construction projects or purchases. This includes assisting your organization to determine the true replacement cost, determine the proper limits of insurance, and calculate the impact to your insurance costs. In addition, our agents and field staff will help ensure that you properly insure construction projects under the policy from start to finish. You would be surprised at how many organizations start a construction project and do not have proper insurance in place to cover the project. If you need more information on what to consider before starting a construction project, visit the “Customer Service” section of our website and choose “Helpful Customer Service Hints”.
  • Our office will work with you to ensure fast and fair claims processing. We receive many compliments for our claims assistance! We not only assist your organization in filing claims, we expand our service by answering any questions and providing one trusted point of contact for your representatives to obtain answers and assistance during a claim.

The JPA Way has repeatedly provided our customers with the comprehensive insurance protection they need, at a fair price with follow-up customer service, that is second to none! Our agency's ability to combine "old-fashioned customer service with modern-day solutions" has created relationships between our agency and our customers that has proven to be mutually beneficial and has continued to grow with each year – long after the initial on-site free insurance analysis!

All of us here at J. Pekala & Associates, Inc. welcome the opportunity to provide your organization with an introduction to The JPA Way! Feel free to give us a call today!